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AGNC (pronounced ‘Agency’) is Another Great New Company that offers digital platforms and professional services to enable efficient and intelligent management for your digital architecture.

We help you create and deliver smart digital services instantly.

AGNC is building a network of digital entrepeneurs, initiators, dreamers, and talents.

We embark on ground-breaking assignments and work in unique compositions.

Join us on a journey of digital discoveries.
Takes the first steps towards digital architecture at AGNC on our Academy.
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BOSS reduces complexity, to a simple level of humanity.

With BOSS, your can setup your content and data taxonomies on-the fly.
You can edit content and publish it to any number of apps.

Through BOSS, your UX developers can work with perfect-fit services .
This means they can focus on what truly matters: User Experience.

BOSS decreases the load on your back-office, and accellerates the performance of your front-office.

It automatically serves APIs and makes documentation available through an API Browser.

BOSS will make your sites and apps stable, even when your back-office is not.

Content editors will have full insights and control over international content.

All this without you having to write a single line of code.

The goal of API tier architecure is to power a large number of sites and apps by making use of a wide palette of powerful best of breed enterprise applications.
If you want to learn more on API fundamentals, download this e-book!

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